A selection of testimonials from Nicole's clients:

At 48 years old I felt like a 70-year-old woman. Holding on to walls to get from one room to the next. All the years of bad eating habits, lack of exercise and zero enthusiasm has finally caught up with me. I was in such physical pain!! Then I met Nicole who basically handed my life back to me. The minute I met her I trusted her. I am now working out, I’m reading labels and I’m eating healthier. Nicole and Mindful Health is a wonderful thing to do for yourself. Whatever the reason. As I started out saying, I trust Nicole and so will you. She knows what she is doing and is just fabulous to work with. Do you want your life back? Well you can find it at Mindful Health.
— A. Roman

As a mom of three who works outside the home, I found the MINDFUL MOSAIC© Women’s Retreat to be extremely relaxing and a time to reflect on just me. It was really wonderful to participate in discussions and hear the perspectives of other strong, intellectual woman. It was a lovely, powerful weekend!
— 2014 Women's Retreat Participant

She has not only been my nutritional coach, but also my shoulder, my rock, and my friend. If anyone questions the value of Mindful Health, please e-mail me. I’ll be happy to talk in more detail about it!
— B. Steinert

With Nicole’s help, I was able to make a change in my diet that addressed the digestive problems that I knew were related to food, as well as the joint pain and sinus pressure that were added complications of a wheat- heavy diet. After working with Nicole, I feel healthier, more in tune with my body, and most importantly, informed about nutrition in a way that I never was in working with traditional doctors and nutritionists.
— Anonymous

Mindful Mosaic transcends any preconceived notion that you may have about traditional life- coaching programs. Mosaic is different, and the proof is in the planning. Before Mindful Mosaic, my daily tasks fell into three distinct categories: duty, routine and part-time pleasure. I once thought that my robotic approach to life was just a part of my assimilation process. Although I could purchase enlightenment potentially anywhere, a safe and comfortable space for personal exploration seemed like a mirage within the city of dreams. Mindful Health offered me a judgment-free environment and an oasis of empowerment, a feeling created when one is surrounded by new found long lost friends. Their program Mindful Mosaic enables individuals to take a personal inventory on their physical, professional and emotional priorities. What I loved most about the Mindful Mosaic program was the built-in colorful community of like- minded seekers. Nicole, owner of Mindful Health, intricately orchestrated and produced detail-oriented sessions. For example, each meeting featured reading materials, journal prompts and visual aids tailored for the specific needs of every individual involved. In particular, Nicole and her educated staff facilitated discussions on nutrition, coping mechanisms, positive refocusing and truth seeking. The programming encourages the kind of inner work that traditionally takes months of therapy to begin because it compels you to consider that you are as precious as your time.
— N. Wilson

I had numerous problems that needed to be addressed and Nicole found a way to address all of them, have the sessions fit into my busy schedule and make me feel like I was in control over my own health and well-being! Before I worked with Nicole I had been to my doctor numerous times, gone through extensive testing, had been “sick” for almost two years and was beginning to lose hope that I would live with a permanent stomachache. And to make matters worse my doctors could not figure out what was wrong with me, they just kept ordering more testing! After just a few sessions with Nicole, I began to feel better, began experimenting with foods and was optimistic that I was on the road to recovery. Now, I feel great and am in control of my own health! My improvements are vast, my stomach feels great, my skin looks great and I am excited about food again!
— D. Green

There are many benefits to having a personal health and nutritional counselor. One is that before working with Nicole I was addicted to junk food. Not chips and things like that, just a ton of microwavable food. I was lazy and I never felt like cooking when coming home from work. Nicole has helped me to come up with interesting food choices that are not only healthier, but easy to make. She has helped me to organize a healthy lifestyle and better way of living. I am even more focused on my career goals now and my life is more organized and I feel great!
— C. Flieder
Working with Nicole’s program made a huge difference in the way I relate to food. Prior to working with Nicole, I gave little thought to how seemingly “healthy” foods were affecting my health in a negative way. I was continually frustrated when symptoms of bloating and stomach pain were not alleviated through what I thought was a healthier way of eating. Nicole’s careful and thoughtful analysis of my diet concluded that I was, in fact, intolerant to wheat; a food that I never would have pegged as the culprit in my unending stomach problems.
— Anonymous

Incredible results and service! I have noticed incredible shifts in my body since I started seeing Nicole a few years ago. I had been dealing with digestion issues for a long time and noticed immediate results after working with her. I am amazed at the improvement not only in my digestion (an issue I have struggled with my whole life) but also the unexpected improvements in my hair, skin nails and overall energy level which are just added benefits of the program she designed for me. I can’t believe how many complements I get on my skin. She has also helped me to understand the mind body connection and the emotional components of my physical ailments. This has been a huge part of my healing process and has not only lead me to improved physical health but also improved mental health.She spends quality time with each of her clients and goes above and beyond expectations in the services she provides. In addition, her office has an amazing, soothing energy that makes it difficult to leave. She is truly an incredible practitioner and person and I couldn’t imagine being treated by anyone else.
— Sarah

Take Charge Of your Health! I met Nicole Glassman, the owner of Mindful Health, at an event she did at my job back in 2005. I was very impressed by her presentation and decided to set up a consultation right away. This came at critical time in my life when I had just learned I was Celiac. I went to her feeling overwhelmed and stressed. Right away Nicole helped me to deal with my stomach issues, my emotions and with nutrition. She introduced me to the holistic approach to living and feeling better. I was so excited with my results that I had my husband join as well.Go see her as well and you will not be disappointed. I recommend her 100 %.
— M. Hernandez

I have been receiving consultations from Nicole for about a year now and highly recommend her services. She helped me cope with serious back issues during that period, and I greatly appreciate her thoughtful approach based on good research as well as her empathy and support.
— B. Regan

Working with Nicole has been a wonderful experience. Before starting this program, I was experiencing low energy, higher stress levels and I often felt depressed for no reason. She has helped me develop an eating program that keeps my energy strong without compromising taste and I am still able to maintain my weight. She has also helped me to work on some things within my inner self that have given me more confidence and a more positive outlook on life. She is a wonderful listener and has amazing insight. I would be happy to provide more information on the value of services I have received from Nicole at Mindful Health.
— Sarah K.

I’ve been seeing Nicole for just over a year and I’ve never felt better in my life. she has helped me solve major health issues, including migraines, fatigue, mood swings (issues I’ve dealt with for about 20 years + ), as well as other health issues that i just thought were inherited, and never imagined I could actually be rid of. Besides that, everyone tells me how good i look. Best of all, Nicole is also a thoughtful and intelligent practitioner who always takes the time to listen to go through things thoroughly with you. If she doesn’t know something (which is rare), she will actually take the time to do some research and get back to you later, which, to me, shows that she really cares. I can’t recommend her enough - go see Nicole and you will feel amazing!
— C. Aldor

No longer do I crave my former “comfort foods;” no longer do I binge drink coffee, or feel as though I could sleep the day away. I have increased energy, which has made me a happier and more productive person. I also can now eat foods that I had previously shunned. My diet is new and exciting, without any cravings for sugar, fat, or large amounts of salt. Even though the physical benefits of this program have been numerous, I cannot even begin to count the emotional and mental progress I have made.
— Anonymous

Nicole’s program is one that I will continue to recommend to anyone who is ready to take ownership of their own health and nutrition.
— H. Verhaal
Nicole Glassman

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