MHG Offers Free Retreats For Caregivers and Cancer Survivors

People tell you to take care of yourself but in overwhelming times, you do the best you can. I lost my mother to cancer and by the end of her life, I was so depleted. I needed a retreat like the ones I offer and there seemed to be nothing close to what I needed. So I knew I had a calling and that this happened for a reason. There are people in real need of self-care, healing, nurturing and support. I decided to create a foundation called Mindful Health Gives - it will offer FREE monthly holistic health retreats for caregivers, cancer survivors/patients. We will offer resources such as yoga, meditation, nutrition, sound healing, nourishing food, community, and a connection to nature. We will also offer an online forum of resources and day events to keep the community connected.

We're offering a FREE all-inclusive healing retreat to as many deserving caregivers as can be accommodated at our upcoming retreat.



The women we select will receive a retreat ticket that includes:


  • An all inclusive, boutique long weekend retreat experience

  • 4 days, 3 nights in luxe accommodations on a beautiful farm in the mountains of Vermont

  • A daily deep dive into our Mindful Mosaic Workshop to guide you through different areas of your life, see above for more details

  • Nutrition talks and demos, including superfoods for the chakras, flower essence cocktails and more

  • All organic farm-to-table daily meals + snacks created by our own private chef and inspired by the 7 chakras (all gluten, soy and dairy-free)

  • A relaxing 60 min massage

  • Daily yoga classes designed to open up the chakras

  • Plenty of opportunities for downtime to enjoy your surroundings and to re-connect with yourself

  • 1:1 phone consultation post-retreat with host Nicole Glassman to customize a plan for your future needs

  • Holistic product and service discounts post-retreat




  •  A woman who works hard for everyone and thinks about themselves last and needs to think about themselves first for a change

  • A caretaker to someone who has cancer or another illness

  • A consistent caregiver to someone who is disabled

  • Single mothers who could use a break, more pampering and an opportunity for self-care

  • A woman who cares for many people and deserves this event but may not have the financial means to attend

If you know a women who fits any one of these descriptions, please nominate her over at MindfulHealthGives.Org. If you're a woman who could use this event but may be experiencing a hardship please share your story with us and nominate yourself.

We will select our participants from the submissions we receive on this site. The closing date for nominations is August 19th 2018.