Mindful Muse is a series featuring amazing people who live life with authenticity and passion, and inspire others to lead more fulfilling lives as well! In this installment, we chat with Certified Certified Clinical Thermographer and Body Talk Practitioner, Tammy Kohlschmidt, about her passions and devotion to wellness.

What led you to the work you do? What are the biggest benefits to clients?

TAMMY KOHLSCHMIDT of thermograhpy for health

My own healing  journey, which began in infancy, has led me to find a better way to live and thrive as I was so accustomed to suffering.

I believe healing happens by integrating all levels of healing – physical, mental, emotional and spiritual.  Thermography is a physical level assessment, while my work with Body Talk, Essential Oils and The 5 Charms of Self Empowerment maximize all the other levels.  Healing happens when integration of all of these levels create cellular communication.

  Our body has the innate wisdom to heal once we are fully communicating in the Mind-Body Complex. Thermography is an excellent start in this process as it illuminates the physical body’s inflammatory pathways and gives us a road map to start with. 

Thermography allows you to see what you may not yet feel. It is a pain free, no radiation and no body contact assesstment.


What do you love most about what you do?

I love shining my light and helping others shine in theirs.


What is your biggest challenge?

Having enough time to fully create all that I desire.


What inspires you to keep going when you are afraid?

Fear is a guide.  It shows me where I need to go next.


What does balance mean to you and how does that manifest in your daily life?

Balance means learning the art of oscillation.  Knowing how to go off balance and find it again.  Moving beyond center and coming back to it.  It manifests in my life by being aware of my desires, my moods and my ability to flow through any circumstance of the day.


Who do you look up to in your personal life and/or your business?

Dr. Reid Winick has been a steadfast mentor and colleague.  His input and guidance balances my strengths.  My  life partner, Giovanni, has been my greatest teacher and my masculine balance.


What are the tools in your holistic toolbox?

This is a HUGE list! But the #1 tool is my connection to the Divine.  I am always guided and always in gratitude.


What’s on your nightstand?

My journal, essential oils, and my 5 Charms of Self Empowerment.


If you could have one special power, what would it be and why?

To let you feel, learn and know the sacred in your suffering,  all in an instant so that we could become enlightened and get on with the business of helping others.


What is your favorite ritual?

I visualize going into my cave and immersing myself in the healing bath while I drink from my cup of water that was filled at the fountain of vitality.


Tammy Kohlschmidt is a well-rounded practitioner in multiple healing disciplines - Certified Clinical Thermographer, Licensed Dental Hygienist, Certified Body Talk Practitioner and Nutritional Evaluations using the Zyto technology. She has integrated Thermal Imaging, Periodontal Therapy, Energetic and Spiritual Healing with Nutritional Evaluations, as a better way for sustaining health and well being. Tammy believes that health and well being is a reflection of spirit, belief systems, energetic fields, body structure and body chemistry.

Tammy has a special interest in the Oral Systemic Link and in Non-Surgical Periodontal Therapy using Lasers. By combining Thermal Imaging and Periodontal Therapy she has made connections between the mouth and body that address The Oral Systemic Link. Tammy believes the mouth and body share an ecosystem that must be treated as a whole to obtain sustainable health.

She has intertwined her intuitive healing abilities and her love for energetic medicine as a Certified Body Talk Practitioner. She has created Empowerment Weekends for Women as well as a class series called The 8 Essential Secrets of Breast Health.  Tammy’s mission is to bring women together to support, enhance and encourage the healing of the feminine. Her work creates a ripple effect of empowerment as women share new knowledge with their mothers, daughters, sisters, friends—helping all women RISE.

To Learn more about Tammy's work visit: www.thermographyny.com